At Rogue we are vertically integrated from design through warehousing. We have designed gymnastic rings, weightlifting bars, shoes, pullup systems and military obstacle courses just to name a few. We have the capability to consolidate large orders and are currently outfitting all of the US Marine Corps bases across the globe. The Marine Corps will be receiving custom camo and olive drab equipment all of which will withstand decades of abuse.

We have a metal fabrication, carpentry and design team that can build just about anything. We are very proud of the fact that we build our equipment in the United States and that we have created many jobs for Americans.

We specialize in building and shipping equipment efficiently, we stay lean so that we can pass the savings on to all of our customers. We have learned a great deal along the way and learn more everyday how we can better serve every person.

We use the equipment ourselves in the Rogue Training Facility, if it doesn’t meet our standards then we don’t sell it. Many of our products were built to answer the suggestions of the end user. Our bars, bumpers, kettlebells, rings and pullup systems are built to last.

We carry the equipment in Columbus, OH so you can come by and try the equipment out prior to purchase. We answer our phones and will assist you with your equipment choices.

Thank You For All of Your Support!

Bill Henniger

Owner, Rogue Fitness