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Rogue Fitness-Proud Sponsor of FGB IV

Posted on 24 May 2009 by Scott

roguefitness2crThe Rogue Tradition

Rogue Fitness was started in a garage and amongst a group of people that could see an industry in need of change. We have strayed off the beaten path of the traditional equipment sales market. We don’t have a salesman in every region pushing our products, we rely upon word of mouth.

We built the first store bringing in all the niche manufacturers into one place for one stop shopping. Our partnership with Ahmik Jones was vital to the evolution that has occurred. We are fully integrated into various equipment lines and we warehouse the all items in our equipment packages. Many may say they do it but we post pictures of it every week.

Our phone number is and we answer the phone so that you can make an educated decision on your equipment purchase. Our email address is and we answer it very quickly.

We make much of our equipment in the US which employs hundreds of US workers. We are part of the revolution. We listen to our customers ideas and many times bring new products to market based on their ideas, suggestions and yes complaints!

We would not be Rogue if we were not built on the expertise of many. If we put our name on a product you can rest assured it will be high quality. Many of our products are guaranteed for life, we do this by making it in the United States.

I invite you to look through our equipment and talk to those that are proud owners of Rogue strength and conditioning equipment. Take a look: Rogue Factory Store

High Speed – Low Drag

William C. Henniger

Owner, Rogue Fitness

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