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It’s Not The Economy Stupid

Posted on 13 September 2009 by Scott

If one more person paying more than $50 a week in training fees, who owns a new $6,000 carbon bike, tells me that they can’t fundraise $150 this year because of “the economy,” my head is going to seriously explode.

If one more person emails us from their iPhone to tell us that they’d feel bad asking their friends to donate this year  because of “the economy,” there’s a real danger of someone at Sportsgrants going completely postal.

If one more person who is fortunate enough to be living through this downturn without a serious life change, tells one more of our friends at other foundations who are trying to help people who are actually getting crushed, they’re going to “cut back on their giving this year,” I can’t be responsible for the outcome.

In order to diffuse this potential catastrophe we’ve compiled our, “Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Not The Economy Stupid.”

#1 If you spend more than $30 a week on coffee…“It’s not the economy stupid.”

#2 If you participate in more than three sports regularly that require helmets…“It’s not the economy stupid.”

#3 If you’re driving anything made in Germany…“It’s not the economy stupid.”

#4 If you buy a new bike made out of anything but steel this year…“It’s not the economy stupid.”

#5 If you’re competing in a major marathon not within driving distance this year…“It’s not the economy stupid.”

#6 If you buy anything made by Apple this year…“It’s not the economy stupid.”

#7 If your monthly gym membership and/or classes cost more than your cleaning person takes home in a month,….“It’s not the economy stupid.”

#8 If you had health insurance when you went to the ER…“It’s not the economy stupid.”

#9 If all of your parts are working, your bills are paid and you’re one of the 11 million people who will spend more than $1000 to compete in one or more endurance events this year….“It’s not the economy stupid.”

#10 If you can answer “yes” to any of the above, and you’re not raising $150 for charity this year….“It’s not the economy stupid.”

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  1. rdamienc Says:

    I sure hope they’re not emailing from an iPhone. The donation page doesn’t work on the iPhone. Any hope of this being fixed? These fundraising emails are hit-and-miss, and if I’ve missed out on donations because the FGB organizers elected not to support a relatively small niche browser representing a HUGE aggregate disposable income, that’s a big bummer.

  2. Says:

    Cute :) even if it is the economy for some, you can still find creative ways to fund raise, you dont just have to raise money by going to family/friends/door to door with an open hand…

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